A: We provide next day delivery on all standard orders.  The same timescale applies to bespoke orders (once final approval has been received).
Q2: With a bespoke order, do I get to see what the products will look like beforehand?
A: Of course.  We provide colour PDF proofs for approval before the order is completed and delivered.
Q3: What are the different sizes of envelope available?
A: We provide a range of standard international sizes which meet most commercial requirements.
We also offer bespoke sizes.  When placing an order, please consider the size of the items that will be placed inside the envelope and add approx. 5mm to the length and height.
Q4: Can the reverse side of the envelope include a window?
A: Yes.  However, you need to carefully consider the window positioning as side seams, flaps and other elements of the envelopes construction can interfere with the gluing of the window patch.
Q5: How quickly can you turn around my 'panic' job?
A: From receipt of new artwork, we aim to have the job on the press in 18 minutes – a personal best!  And, if that sounds fast, a reprint can be on the press literally within five minutes.
Q6: What screen values work best for which stock?
A: For uncoated envelopes a screen value of 133 works best. For coated envelopes a screen value of 200 is best.
Q7: With my envelope design I know I need to allow for 'grip'.  How much do I need to allow and where?
A: Grip is where the press takes the envelope and pulls it through.  On a 4-colour job, a space of 10mm needs to be excluded from the design along the leading edge of the envelope (the edge along which the flap runs).
A: Plain envelopes are supplied directly from stock.
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