For security conscious individuals who want to protect their identity.

Tyvek® ScanSafe® is a range of RFID shielding products which protect credit cards and passports.
Scansafe Credit Card Sleeves offer immediate protection by shielding 99.9% of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) rays, keeping personal data stored on a credit/debit card secure from identity thieves.
Made from a unique ultra-protective three-layer construction which consists of Tyvek-Foil-Paper.
  • Strong & durable
    Tough, hard-wearing and incredibly strong
  • Lightweight
    Slim enough to easily fit into a wallet/purse
scansafe credit card sleeves
  • Vibrant
    Available in a variety of exclusive eye-catching designs
  • Printable
    Can also be designed and branded with your company logo/brand.


The security essential for every wallet/purse!

Read how fraudsters can steal your details just by standing close to you
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