e-Green Kraft Mailers

The Sustainable Packaging Choice
Delivers increased efficiency, customer satisfaction and sustainability!

The e-Green range is a sustainable choice for those who want to reduce the use of plastic and increase efficiency of shipping processes. e-Green mailers are designed to meet both challenges. Unlike boxes, transport volume, weight and packaging materials are decreased, helping to reduce the environmental footprint. 
Constructed from 100% strong kraft paper and equipped with two adhesive strips and a tear-strip makes these bags ideal for e-commerce use.

The mailers are really easy to pack and seal, open and re-seal which makes returning items much easier.

  • As roomy as a box
  • Expands to fit contents
  • Peel & seal and re-seal for easy returns
  • Perforation and tear-strip for easy opening
e-Green mailers are ideal for items which are pre-packed, such as clothing, shoes, accessories, consumer electronics and much more . . .
e-Green logo
e-Green boxed gift
e-Green mailer family
eCommerce Paper Mailer with Block Bottom
e-Green block bottom mailer

"A decrease of approximately 30% in transport volume"
eCommerce Paper Mailer with V Bottom
e-Green v bottom mailer

"We have increased our efficiency by 40-50"
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