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In our standard packaging range you will find products for just about every business use you can think of: reliable e-fulfillment, confidential data and correspondence, archiving, laboratory samples, glossy brochures, and robust engineering parts. If you are already using Bong products in one area of your business, you can expect the same great service for numerous other activities.


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For over 25 years Packaging First has been supplying a variety of packaging products across a range of different market sectors including pharmaceuticals, mail order, food and security. We can transform and improve your packaging processes by providing independent advice to supply general packaging products or bespoke packaging solutions. We also offer flexible ordering, delivery and stock management.

Packaging First

Our specialist packaging division is located in Chelmsford, Essex. Packaging First have many years’ experience in serving our customer base. This helps when we need to look at the ways items are packaged. Our principles of providing first class quality at the best price possible means we will often look at ways to package items that you haven’t thought about before.


With an increasing part of today’s consumption taking place on the internet Bong ensures that ordered goods arrive unharmed and in pristine condition at the consumer. By offering online shops the packaging they need to protect their products, Bong helps to ensure customer satisfaction and cutting costs of returns.


e-Green is the range of kraft paper mailers, which covers the need for sustainable e-commerce packaging. e-Green mailers are made from 100% paper and thus fully recyclable. They adapt to the content and help to reduce packaging material, volume, weight and freight cost - compared to traditional packaging products such as boxes.


AirPro Green is the name of Bong's new packaging solution for consignors who pay attention to sustainability and the reduction of plastic packaging while at the same time requiring a high level of protection for their products. Padded with embossed paper bubbles, this cushioned mailer is the green alternative to conventional bubble bags with bubble film. AirPro Green is made from 100% FSC® certified paper and fully recyclable.


AirPro is the range of bubble bags, which offer excellent protection for sensitive shipping goods. This popular packaging is as light as air and as protective as a pillow. The outer layer made of robust FSC® kraft paper offers high tear resistance, while the strong air cushion is shock and water resistant.

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