"I had an urgent request and called the Customer Service Team asking for samples to be sent, for a tender I was preparing.  They arrived the very next day, all neatly packaged and clearly labelled, making envelope identification so much easier!"

"Attention to detail is paramount when you're working on a bespoke project.  I knew I could rely on the team to guarantee a 100% colour-match on the prototypes they delivered".

"Having the cutter guide to hand, made it so much easier for the design agency we appointed, when it came to designing both the inner and outer parts of the envelope".

"Deciding which opaque design would work better was an interesting debate.  We looked at many different colour options, finally settling on a design that complemented our branding.  The project team were great, offering guidance when needed and managed to meet the tight deadline".


"I wanted to thank the team for assisting with the crisis we found ourselves in a couple of weeks ago. The envelopes produced were to a very high quality which we expect, but more to the point, you delivered to the required time which didn't impact on our mailing date."

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