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Green is not a colour, it's a lifestyle choice

A lot of people expect recycled to mean grey, grainy or coarse and therefore assume inferior or low quality.


This is where the Basildon Bond range is very different.  Brilliantly white and perfectly green, Basildon Bond envelopes are made with 120gsm high-white 100% recycled non-bleached fibres.


The window film used in Basildon Bond envelopes is also recyclable and can be placed in your recycling bin – making Basildon Bond Recycled Business Envelopes the best environmental choice.


With a brilliant smooth white outer and stylish green opaque, these characteristics help differentiate Basildon Bond in the business world, and continue to make it one of the UK’s most recognised and respected envelope brands in the UK.  It’s clear to see how the envelopes retain their attractiveness, without reducing the quality.


Basildon Bond Recycled Envelopes are even better than the standard everyday envelope, retaining their attractiveness without reducing the quality and they’re totally green!


The Extra-white certified FSC 100% recycled paper used to produce Basildon Bond envelopes is produced totally ecologically using very advanced technology, which gives it a bright appearance with far superior environmental credentials.


The paper offers a high level of whiteness and an ultra-smooth silky surface.


The paper is recognised by the recognised by the FSC and has been awarded the FSC 100% recycled label.  Products with 100% recycled label support re-use of forest resources and in accordance with FSC standards, only use post-consumer fibre. 







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